The dark side of Terrive

It's been a while since I made a blog post about the developments going ...

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It's been a while since I made a blog post about the developments going on with Terrive , ( except the buzzes I make ) , So in this update I'll try to write a little bit more.

Dark Mode

As someone who gets burns from using light theme for a long time, making a dark theme was probably the most obvious thing for me to do. So here you go, take a look at the new dark theme :


How to ?

Terrive will automatically detect your system/browser theme using the "preferred color scheme" media queries and switch to dark if your system/browser theme is dark. If it isn't, don't worry you can still manually turn on dark theme using the third button from the end ( you can see this in the image 👆👆 )


You can now view comment threads by clicking on the down arrow. You don't have to go click on "reply" each time you want to see top level comments.


See those stars on the top-end of the comments, those are the upvote buttons.

Why put 'em up there 🤔 ? It's easier for me to click on them using my thumb ( on mobile ) and it was closer to the scrollbar on PCs.

Profile in dark mode 👇 👇


Under the hood

  • I replaced all the <path> with <use> , So now I have a cleaner code to work with ( managed to trim the size of my js file a lot too ! )

  • 404 page : check it out at ( try resizing your window 😉 )

  • Listed on Awesome IPFS this week.


What is Terrive ?
Terrive is a decentralized Photo and Video Sharing platform powered by the HIVE blockchain and IPFS.

Can't see the updates ?
Try reloading the page a few times , if that doesn't work try clearing your cache.

Get in touch on : Matrix

Official Blog : HIVE

Website :

IPFS Hash : QmcfSikYpLReFiD144F1vtyXwiHihEx7EJdMKvFQEDXKvF


Have something you would like to see on Terrive ? Comment them out below 👇 👇